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Countrywide Visas Reviews And Complaints

Countrywide Visa s, a reputable immigration advisor and consultant has a comprehensive understanding of Immigration and its challenges. As a result, the company routinely updates its team and its policies to serve the needs of its customers, who are individuals who are applying for visas to enter various countries. Whereas, as a consulting firm we minimize the errors in an application’s processing which assures a minimal to no escalation.

A visa that lets someone stay in Canada permanently is called a “Permanent Canada Visa.” It is a visa for immigration, just like the Green Card in the US. Once you have a Permanent Canada Visa, you can live, take a job, and study in any province of Canada. So, you have a permanent place to live in Canada.
The possession of a Permanent Resident Card, which is also referred to as a Canadian PR Card, is evidence that an individual resides in Canada permanently. Having it with you would be helpful, especially when traveling.

You should be at least 18 years old, and if your child is under 18, you can apply with them.

What are the pros of a permanent visa for Canada?
• You can get all Canadians’ social benefits, like health insurance.
• You are protected by Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Freedoms and Liberties.
• You must pay your Canadian taxes on time and follow the rules to get these benefits.

What are the various kinds of permanent residence in Canada?
According to your scenarios, you may be eligible for one of several visas to enter Canada. Because there are four different types of permanent residence visas, you can obtain the status by doing one of the following:
• Finding a stable job in Canada
• Getting your loved ones to foot the bill for you
• Investing in Canada or starting a business there
• Other long-term visas

The Federal Skilled Trades Program
The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) visa is provided to skilled workers in jobs like electricians, carpenters, aircraft mechanics, machinists, ironworkers, Welders, Crane Operators, and Mechanics for Heavy-Duty Equipment, Plumbers, etc.

Federal Program for Skilled Workers
People with jobs needed in Canada can get a Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) visa. However, when you begin planning to apply and get the points you need, you must find out what kinds of jobs Canada requires.

Provincial Programs for Nomination
The Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP) visa is for people who work in semi-skilled or low-skilled jobs and can help the Canadian economy. The workers are sent to different parts of Canada, where there is a higher demand for their work.
Program for Selected Skilled Workers in Quebec
To work permanently in Quebec, you’ll need a Quebec-Selected Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) visa, which you can apply for if you meet the requirements and can communicate fluently in French.

Getting your loved ones to foot the bill for you

If you have a relative in Canada who is a citizen of Canada or a permanent resident of Canada, that relative may be able to act as your sponsor and assist you in obtaining a family visa. Through the Family Sponsorship Program, non-Canadian citizens are allowed to apply for permanent residence and citizenship in Canada.

Investing in Canada or starting a business there
One of the Canadian Permanent Visas is available to business people who can contribute to the country’s economic growth through their resources.
A program for foreign investors

Those with a net worth of at least CAD$800,000 are eligible for the Immigrant Investor Program visa. The government will return the money in five years without interest if they put in at least CAD$400,000.

Entrepreneurship Program for Immigrant Investors
With a net worth of at least $200,000 and plans to contribute to the Canadian economy, the Entrepreneur Program Visa is granted to those who meet the eligibility requirements.

Within three years of moving to Canada, these investors must dedicate themselves to owning and operating at least a third of a Canadian business and creating and maintaining jobs.

Other long-term visas
If you don’t fall into one of the above categories, you can still apply for a permanent residence visa in Canada.

How countrywide visas can help you?
• Figuring out the best way to get a visa for Canada
• Providing you with financial advice to show
• Advising you on the content of your papers
• Assistance with the completion of paperwork
• Before submitting your papers, have them all reviewed.

The countrywide Visas team works with immigrants to help them find the right path to Canada and then helps them every step of the way. Since we have been helping people migrate to Canada for years, we are your best bet for successful immigration.
You may call us at 7303889347 or email us at for more information or visit us at


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