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Graduates gifted with many scholarships

Scholarships worth more than $2.5 million were presented Thursday, May 12, during an award ceremony at the Performing Arts Center at Pea Ridge High School.

Principal Charley Clark was the master of ceremonies. Superintendent Keith Martin welcomed students and guests. Senior Nalea Holliday led in the pledge of allegiance to the American Flag.

Presentations were made on behalf of numerous colleges including Arkansas Tech University, Allison Sheehan; John Brown University, Isaac Fuller; Lyon College, Samantha Long; Missouri Southern State University, Leslie Coons; University of Arkansas, Brock Daniels; University Presentations, Tiauna Young; and Drury University, Hendrix University, Missouri University of Science and Tech; Northwest Technical Institute; Savannah College of Art and Design; Tulsa Welding Institute; University of Arkansas, Fort Smith; University of Arkansas Rich Mountain; University of Central Arkasnas and University of the Ozarks.

Military presentations were made on behalf of the Arkansas Army National Guard, Sgt. Milton Oviedo; Arkansas Army National Guard, Sgt. Tony L. Payton; and US Marine Corps, Sgt. Nicholas Harrison Servone Richards.

Achievement awards were presented including Seal of Biliteracy, Jessica Thomas; NWACC Distinguished Scholars, Cathy McCall; NWACC Rising Scholars, Cathy McCall; valedictorian and salutatorian, Charley Clark; Arkansas Challenge Scholars, Charley Clark and Leonard Ogden; and PRHS completers, Tiauna Young and Sherry Rickard.

For 2022, there were 66 PRHS CTE competeres, $79,105 in local scholarships; $395,302 in military scholarships; $120,000 Arkansas Governor’s Distinguished Scholars; $471,660 Arkansas Academic Challenge and Grants; and $1,647,835 in university scholarships for a total of $2,713,902.

Scholarship List

Recipient^Name of Scholarship^Donor Name^Amount

Madison Rogers^USA Fireworks^Mr. and Mrs. Brewer^$250

Tristan Thurman^USA Fireworks^Mr. and Mrs. Brewer^$250

Christian Carreira^PRHS Scholarship^Jeans Donations^$425

Allie King^PRHS Scholarship^Jeans Donations^$425

Khalyn Kastner^Ronnie & Peggy David^Peggy David^$200

Damian Kimbrough^Guthrie Heating & Air Inc.^Guthrie Heating & Air Inc.^$400

Will Anderson^Charles Crabtree Memorial^Alice Crabtree^$400

Chelsea Blount^Vern & Margaret Walton^Margaret Walton^$200

Katilyn Joyce^Pea Ridge Dental^Logan Jones^$500

Drake Wolfenden^Rena & John Olson^Rena Olson^$200

Devon Hopkins^Arvest Bank of Pea Ridge^Arvest^$1,000

John Roses^Grant J. Fowler DDS^Grant Fowler^$250

Joe Adams^Battle at the Ridge^Trent Loyd^$500

Riley Robbins^Ryan Mondy Memorial^Lisa Duckworth^$1,000

Kenna Shiers^Legendary Coaches of the 2000s^Clark, Laster, Harrod, Walker^$400

Isabella Cruz^Sharlene Kennedy Memorial^Mindy Bowlin^$500

Hallie Deaton^Sisco Funeral Home^Janet Spivey^$750

Logan Stewart^Sisco Funeral Home^Jeff Spivey^$750

Allie King^Mike & Patty Villines Memorial^Bobbye J. Dye^$750

Eli Wiggins^Mike & Patty Villines Memorial^Bobbye J. Dye^$750

Isabella Cruz^Dye Hards Gym^Bobbye J. Dye^$500

Lisbeth Vazquez^John Dye CPA John Dye^$500

Keeli Brown^Jason and Dia Dixon Dia Dixon^$500

Nalea Holliday^Main Street Real Estate – Dixon Family Dia Dixon^$1,000 Financial Need

Christian Carreira^Mae Freeman/General Fund Mae Freeman^$255

Braidon McCarley^Verna Dodd Memorial Lisa Crowder^$100

Braidon McCarley^Verna Dodd Memorial Terry and Marcia Dean^$100

Mariana Vargas^Lewis Architects Engineers Lewis Architects Engineers^$250

Bailee Farrell^June EasleyJune Easley^$200

Isaac Ross^DCA Strategic Consulting, PLLC DCA Strategic Consulting, PLLC^$500

Kamree Dye^Bright Futures^Misty Harris^$1,000

Isabella Cruz^Bright Futures^Misty Harris^$500

Madison Rogers^Bright Futures^Misty Harris^$500

Lauren Wright^Carroll Electric Cooperative Claudia Harp^$500

Riley Robbins^Mark and Michelle Howell^Mark Howell^$2,500

Mikayla Humphrey^Metro Appliances & More^Mark Howell^$2,500

Jorge Zuniga-Marquez^Rick and Susan Johnson^Rick and Susan Johnson^$1,000

Gabbie Fletcher^The Ridge Church^The Ridge Church^$2,000

Caleb Luper^The Ridge Church^The Ridge Church^$500

Mariana Vargas^The Ridge Church^The Ridge Church^$500

Noah Olson^First Baptist Church^First Baptist Church^$250

Kamree Dye^First Baptist Church^First Baptist Church^$250

Jorge Zuniga-Marquez^First Baptist Church^First Baptist Church^$250

Jamie Farrell^CEI Engineering Associates, Inc.^Jeff Geurian^$500

Kamree Dye^Mt. Vernon Presbyterian Church^$200

Taylor McCaslin^David & Suzanne Dickey^David and Suzanne^$200

Drake Wolfenden^Center Point Contractors^Shelli McDaniel^$500

Will Anderson^CSM Farms, LLC^Chris and Shelli McDaniel^$500

Monique Holley^CSM Investments & Developments^Chris and Shelli McDaniel^$500

Christopher Ellis^CSM Investments & Developments, Bentonville^$500

Noah Olson^Kevin Apple Memorial^Drew Rosser^$500

Kamree Dye^Optimist Club of Rogers^Sandy Lasater^$250

Lauren Wright^Optimist Club of Rogers^Sandy Lasater^$150

Dallice White^Blue Ribbon Academic Achievement^$500

Allie King^Earle and Billie Jines Memorial^Jim and Margaret Cheek^$200

Adonis Gamez^Wendell Reynolds Memorial^Linda M Reynolds^$250

Mary Hargiss^Wendell Reynolds Memorial^Sonja Reynolds Redwine^$250

Isabella Cates^Andrew & Cheryl Tillman^Andrew & Cheryl Tillman^$250

Lillian Murray^Andrew & Cheryl Tillman^Andrew & Cheryl Tillman^$250

Trinity Alley^Jackie & Freida Crabree^Jackie & Freida Crabtree^$200

Masie Foltz^Pea Ridge Youth Cheer^Mindy Cawthon^$250

Tristan Thurman^Pea Ridge Youth Cheer^Mindy Cawthon^$725

Kiowa Morris^Pea Ridge Youth Cheer^Mindy Cawthon^$725

Isabella Cruz^Pea Ridge Virtual Program^Dana Tabor^$145

Patrick Elliott^St, Bernard Knights of Columbus^Bella Vista Knights of Columbus, St. Bernard Council ^$1,000

Nalea Holliday^NextGen Rising^April Taylor^$500

Joseph Peal^Keith and Jennifer Allison^Keith and Jennifer Allison^$200

Braidon McCarley^Pea Ridge Masonic Lodge^Christopher Mondy^$250

Tristan Thurman^Shelter Insurance^Scott Comiskey $1,500

Laetitia Vang^Shelter Insurance^Matt Hillis^$1,500

^Pea Ridge Band^Pea Ridge Band Boosters^$500

Keeli Brown^Pea Ridge Alumni^$1,000

Will Anderson^Pea Ridge Alumni^$1,000

Masie Foltz^Pea Ridge Alumni^$1,000

Robert Sebree^Pea Ridge Alumni^$1,000

Logan Stewart^Pea Ridge Alumni^$1,000

Joe Adams^Arvest Foundation Blackhawk^Arvest^$1,000

James Flanagan^Equity Bank^Alyssa Manual $500

Isabella Smith^Paryzek Scholarship^Gary and Krisi Paryzek^$500

Ashton Burt^Pea Ridge Scholarship^$500

Robert Sebree^Pea Ridge Scholarship^$500

Dakota Bott^Pea Ridge Scholarship^$500

Genaro Reyes^Pea Ridge Scholarship^$500

Jared Swope^Pea Ridge Scholarship^$500

Kennedy Allison^Pea Ridge Scholarship^$500

Landon Pitts^Pea Ridge Scholarship^$500

Allie King^Pea Ridge Scholarship^$500

Jorge Zuniga-Marquez^Pea Ridge Scholarship^$500

Christian Carreira^Pea Ridge Scholarship^$500

Julianna Keeling^Pea Ridge Scholarship^$250

^Doug Howell Family Scholarship^Doug Howell^$2,500

Kennedy Allison^Benton County Farm Bureau^Bobbi McDougal^$500

Tristan Thurman^Kyle Weston Wilks Courage^Mindy Cawthon^$250

Kiowa Morris^Kyle Weston Wilks Compassion^Mindy Cawthon^$250

Caleb Neil^Dr. Karen Sherman^Dr. Karen Sherman^$1,000

William Anderson^24 Forever Memorial^Live Like Ayden^$1,000

Nalea Holliday^24 Forever Memorial^Live Like Ayden^$1,000

Lillian Murray^24 Forever Memorial^Live Like Ayden^$1,000

Joseph Peal^24 Forever Memorial^Live Like Ayden^$1,000

Robert Sebree^24 Forever Memorial^Live Like Ayden^$1,000

Riley Robbins^24 Forever Memorial^Live Like Ayden^$1,000

Kennedy Allison^24 Forever Memorial^$500

Keeli Brown^24 Forever Memorial^$500

Kamree Dye^24 Forever Memorial^$500

Masie Foltz^24 Forever Memorial^$500

Mary Hargiss^24 Forever Memorial^$500

Devon Hopkins^24 Forever Memorial^$500

Allie King^24 Forever Memorial^$500

Braidon McCarley^24 Forever Memorial^$500

Noah Olson^24 Forever Memorial^$500

Madison Rogers^24 Forever Memorial^$500

John Roses^24 Forever Memorial^$500

Kenna Shiers^24 Forever Memorial^$500

Jared Swope^24 Forever Memorial^$500

Lauren Wright^24 Forever Memorial^$500

Nalea Holliday^ASPMA^Arkansas Association of Educational Administrators^$1,000

Garrett Jacobs^Kevin and Sheri Trevathan^Kevin Trevathan^$1,000

Lauren Wright^Kevin and Sheri Trevathan^Kevin Trevathan^$1,000

-^The Perfect Choice^$200

Gabbie Fletcher^Chatin Cato Miss Pea Ridge Pay It Forward Scholarship^Meghan Good^$500

Gabbie Fletcher^Beta Alpha Servant Mentality Scholarship^Meghan Good^$500

Joe Adams^Beta Alpha Servant Mentality Scholarship^Meghan Good^$500

Braidon McCarley^Beta Alpha Servant Mentality Scholarship^Meghan Good^$500

Adonis Gamez^Beta Alpha Servant Mentality Scholarship^Meghan Good^$500

Bailee Farrell^Pea Ridge FCCLA^Sherry Rickard^$800

Khalyn Kastner^Pea Ridge FCCLA^Sherry Rickard^$500

-Dustin Hickman and Class ’76^Gwen Alnasery^$200

CTE Completers List

Agricultural Power, Structural, & Technical Systems

Caleb Lupper

Mariana Vargas

brianna worley

Animal Systems

Gavin Spivey

Mariana Vargas

brianna worley

computer science

Bradley Dean

jesse dipley

isaac ross

Family and Consumer Science

julianna keeling

Paige Brown

Food Production, Management, and Services

Nathaniel Bennett

trevor blair

Bailee Farrell

Paul Fryer

monique holley

Khayln Kastner

Nevaeh King

Tyler Quam

isaac ross

Laetitia Vang

Industrial Equipment Technologies

Gavin Bernsky

Joseph Bott

jesse dipley

Jamie Farrell

Evan Ford

charles goss

Clayton Henson

Zachary Jordan

larry laurent

Jorge Salinas

Christopher Sharp

Holly Waterman

landon weston

Devon Hopkins

Ryan Law

Braidon McCarley

Robert “Clay” Sebree

Logan Stewart

Edgar Torres

Cole Vincent


Massie Foltz

Kaitlyn Joyce

Marketing Management

alyssa anderson

Adonis Gamez

Nalea Holliday

Riley Robbins

Marketing Research

Nalea Holliday

Medical Office Administration

Chelsea Blunt

Medical Professions

kennedy allison

Madison Bryant

Isabella Cruz

james flanagan

Mikayla Humphrey

julianna keeling

lexxie king

Anahi Moreno

Kiowa Morris

caleb neil

Tyler Quam

Kenna Shiers

tristan thurman

dalice white

Supply Chain and Logistics

Christian Klin

Television Production

Aiden Aguilar


levi taylor

TIMES photographs by Annette Beard Two students were recognized as enlisting in the US Marine Corps at the Scholarship presentation Thursday, May 12, 2022. For more photographs, go to the PRT gallery at
photos TIMES photographs by Annette Beard Mrs. Tiauna. Young presented a certificate to Kamree Dye for a scholarship. For more photographs, go to the PRT gallery at
photos TIMES photographs by Annette Beard Recipients of the Arkansas Challenge Scholarships received certificates from assistant principal Leonard Ogden during the Scholarship presentation Thursday, May 12, 2022. For more photographs, go to the PRT gallery at /.

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