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Immigration To Canada 2022: Difficulties and Challenges Facing Immigrants in Canada

Canada is one of the most interesting countries for those wishing to immigrate to improve their social and economic conditions…

We have talked in previous articles about the positives of immigration to Canada and ways to immigrate to Canada, but in this article, we will talk about the difficulties faced by the new immigrant, which may make it difficult for him to integrate.

If you, dear reader, are interested in issues of immigration to Canada, all you have to do is read this article.

Immigration programs to Canada through which one can enter Canada:

There are two main ways to immigrate to Canada:

1- Immigration to Canada through a permanent resident visa

It can be obtained through one of the available immigration programs:

  1. Federal skilled workers.
  2. Skilled workers in Quebec.
  3. Regional Nominee Program.
  4. Family care program.
  5. Business immigrants.
  6. Canadian Experience Class.

Immigration through these programs allows its owner to obtain permanent residence in Canada

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2- Immigration to Canada through a temporary residence permit:

It is possible to immigrate to Canada if the person manages to obtain a temporary work contract.

The owner of this contract can reside in Canada for a certain period, and then he will have to return to his country after the expiry of the contract if he does not renew it with the employer.

Difficulties and challenges facing the new immigrant:

Canada is one of the countries that provide great opportunities for immigrants, but they may face some difficulties in integration, which we mention.

Different customs and traditions:

Immigrants from Arab and North African countries or any places in the world should take into account the difference in culture, Therefore, you should not cling to Arab customs, whether for daily habits or occasions, especially marriage, because of the ceremonies and rituals you know.

As for religion, everyone has freedom of belief, but there are some restrictions in public places.

The language:

An average level of English or French is required, but the pronunciation varies greatly, which makes it difficult to communicate, but it becomes easier over time, especially the accent and terminology in Quebec

Geographical distance:

Canada is located in North America, which makes traveling to it difficult compared to European countries, and with the increasing distance, the cost of travel to the mother country increases.

This cost makes it more difficult to move around and visit, leaving one feeling lonely.

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The work:

If you are a certificate holder, you will find it difficult to work directly in your specialty, because Canada does not recognize most of the certificates obtained in Arab countries, and therefore you will have to study again in order to equalize the certificate.

Save more money and time.

The weather:

Canada has had a cold climate in most areas for half a year, with a temperature of -45, which makes new immigrants struggle to acclimatize.

Despite all that has been mentioned, Canada remains one of the best and most accommodating countries for immigrants due to the urgent need for labor and skills.

This is all about the issue of the difficulties and challenges facing immigrants in Canada, for more topics and questions visit us on Facebook from here.

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