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Immigration To Canada With All The Details Without a Lawyer Or Money 2022

Canada is the best choice for immigration for many citizens of the world because there are many great advantages that the country offers when obtaining a residence visa, and the Canadian government has previously announced that it will welcome more than one million new immigrants through immigration programs until 2022, we explain in this The topic is all the ways in which you can obtain an immigrant visa to Canada and its different types.

Information about Canada

Canada is located in the north of the North American continent, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west and extending north into the Arctic Ocean.

It consists of ten provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan, and three territories: the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon.

It is the second country in the world in terms of area, and Canada shares with America from the south and northwest, Canada is characterized by an encouraging climate for living, working, and studying, thanks to government policies, but this country suffers impressively from a small population of 36 million people, which is a number that is not commensurate with With the large area of ​​the country, so the country suffers from a lack of manpower,

Because of this the Canadian government was forced to open the door to immigration many years ago, to overcome this problem, and through the many advantages it offers to immigrants to it, Canada has become a highly attractive country for thousands of most countries of the world with the intention of immigrating to it.

Immigration to Canada and a Diversity Visa

The Canadian government decided for the first time to open a new immigration program in order to attract the largest possible number of people wishing to immigrate to Canada from different countries of the world. the next five years.

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The annual program, “Diversity Visa”, allows those wishing to obtain an immigrant visa to Canada, after several simple requirements and criteria are met, and the selection of those who will be granted a visa through a random drawing is done using a computer.

Advantages of obtaining a permanent Canadian visa

The Canadian visa for residents of Canada has many advantages, including, for example:

  • Those who have been granted a visa for permanent residence in the country of Canada are considered permanent residents there.
  • The right to live, move and work anywhere in the country as they wish.
  • Obtaining many benefits and services from the state, including health care and social services.
  • Canadian law grants residence visa holders the right to become Canadian citizens, who have the right to vote in elections.
  • Canada is one of the safest countries in the world and provides a large number of job opportunities

Ways to immigrate to Canada

There is no ideal time to immigrate to Canada, as the Canadian state has developed long strategic plans to increase the number of immigrants each year, and in implementation of these plans, the government offers several programs through which to apply for an immigrant visa and permanent residence, and these programs differ among themselves, and they are divided into The four categories are:

  • Economic immigration programs.
  • Business immigration programs.
  • Family Sponsorship Programs, Humanitarian and Refugee Pathways.
  • Economic immigration programs.

These programs are designed with the intent of localizing those with competencies and expertise in various fields in Canada, to increase their contribution to the Canadian economy.

Register in the Express Entry system

The Canadian government introduced the Express Entry system, which is a merit-based system, where the most competitive people get residency through this program, according to the criteria and conditions that are applied to all candidates in this program, through which permanent residence applications are submitted by the economic programs.

The Express Entry system includes three programs: (Federal Skilled Worker – Federal Skilled Trades – Canadian Experience Class).

Various Canadian provinces operate provincial-specific immigration programs called Provincial Nominee Programs, which also allow any foreign national to be nominated for immigration through the Express Entry program.

Immigration in Quebec, Canada

Quebec, unlike other Canadian provinces, is distinguished by its immigration policies, which give it distinct authority and independence, as it offers a package of unique paths that are not available in other provinces.

Quebec offers two economic immigration programs: (Quebec Skilled Workers – Quebec Experience Program).

To apply for permanent residence in Quebec, those wishing to immigrate to the province of Quebec must obtain and receive the Quebec Certificate (CSQ), which is the certificate that qualifies the person who obtained it to apply for permanent residence.

Atlantic Pilot Program

New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, which are provinces in the Atlantic Ocean, have launched an immigration program that aims to accept a maximum of 4,000 immigrants this year.

It is a program through which employers in those provinces can hire foreign nationals without obtaining a Labor Market Impact Assessment, and this program allows employers to assist the qualified foreigners they have hired in applying for permanent residence and long-term settlement.

Commercial Immigration Programs

The Canadian government provides express permanent residence to all investors and businessmen who can invest in Canadian projects that stimulate economic and social growth.

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Investor Programs

Within the package of programs related to immigration to Canada, the government provides the Canadian investor program, which requires those wishing to obtain an immigrant visa through which they have financial solvency in the millions of dollars, as well as their willingness to invest and pump money into the Canadian economy, and there are two types of investor programs are.

Entrepreneur and Self-Employed Programs

This program is enjoyed by entrepreneurs wishing to immigrate, with a track record of success resulting from experience and competence in business management, or emerging entrepreneurship.

It is a program offered to immigrants who are self-employed, or those who have the intent and ability to create their own business and make a significant contribution to the cultural, artistic or sporting life of Canada, or have been globally involved in those activities or have farm management experience, are eligible. in a self-employed business class.

This program also grants visas to applicants who wish to start and grow a high-potential startup that sets the goal of selling to clients in at least five countries.

This program also provides the self-employed with the opportunity to permanent residency, provided they provide documented evidence of self-employment, as well as their intention to maintain self-employment in Canada.

Startup Visa Program

It is the fastest and most straightforward immigration program offered by the Federal Government to Entrepreneurs/Entrepreneurs. Under this program, Work Permits are initially issued to the Entrepreneur, which normally takes ten (10) working days to process. After that, Permanent Resident Visas are processed regularly. General and issued within two (2) to six (6) months.

A number of requirements must be met for this category, including:

  • The entrepreneur must be native English or French and must achieve at least a Canadian language test score, up to level 5 of the language standards.
  • The Entrepreneur must sincerely wish to start and grow a high-potential startup that sets the goal of selling to clients in at least five (5) countries.
  • The entrepreneur must have strong sales and distribution channels available internationally, be an expert in a field, or have significant management experience.
  • The entrepreneur must be of high value as he will be responsible for financing the R&D phase from conception to the first customer acquisition.
  • The entrepreneur will work with a partner company in Canada (a new business incubator) to assist mixed-use sports entrepreneurs, and this partner company will provide applicants with an incubation program to follow up on clients who adopt early, with the first objective being to have proper knowledge of the supposed problem and the solution to be solved.
  • This business immigration program does not allow for “passive” investment plans as this is an “active” start-up program and requires the entrepreneur to participate in building the startup.
  • In terms of the entrepreneur’s time commitments, the program with the business incubator allows the entrepreneur to balance the competing demands of running his/her business internationally, moving his/her family to Canada, and launching his/her new venture in Canada by aligning with the business incubator. Building an emerging team to achieve goals.

Family Care Programs

The Canadian government has developed a package of immigration programs designed with the intent of family reunification, and Canadian law allows foreign people who have obtained permanent residence to reunite the family.

  • Spouse care

Current immigration programs to Canada allow most permanent residents to sponsor their spouses as long as the marriage is legally recognized in both Canada and the country of marriage.

A person can sponsor their partner for Canadian permanent residence as long as the spouses are not in breach of the Canadian Joint Legal Partnership Act.

  • Caring for a child or other dependent

Canada’s immigration system allows fathers to sponsor their dependent children for permanent residence in Canada, provided that the father is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and the person being sponsored is not in violation of the definition of a dependent in Canada.

  • Taking care of parents or grandparents

Permanent residents can invite their parents or grandparents to join them in Canada, provided that the resident has the ability to financially support those they invite.

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Immigrate to Canada to study

Canada has a high-quality educational system, in addition to providing low-cost international education, compared to most other countries in the world. The United Nations’ status of Canada as one of the best countries in the world as a place to live, as well as its global leadership in the field of language training, had a great impact. In providing opportunities and a distinguished lifestyle within the university campus.

The conditions for obtaining immigration to Canada in order to study are as follows:

  • The student must have received an acceptance letter or certificate from the school, college, or university he wants to enroll.
  • The student must have the required credentials, in addition to being eligible for the immigration program

Immigration to Canada through a work contract

A work permit is required for most temporary jobs in Canada, but not for some jobs and entrepreneurs. Those wishing to work in Canada must be aware of the following important information:

  • An employer who needs to hire a person to work in the Canadian state must submit.
  • A labor market impact assessment application, for approval from the Department of Labor and Social Development of Canada, in which the department asserts that the employer was unable to find a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to hire, despite the position being advertised with a competitive salary, which would require the employment of a foreign worker.
  • To work in Canada, the general requirements and conditions for entering and staying in the country must be met, in addition to the requirements for obtaining a work permit, which means that a person wishing to work in Canada needs a temporary resident visa (visitor).
  • A work permit does not allow you to live in Canada permanently, and to live in Canada permanently, you must apply for approved permanent residence.
  • If a person wishing to work wants to bring his or her spouse or dependent children to Canada while working in Canada, you must apply for temporary status in Canada at the same time you apply for a work permit.

Eligibility to apply from outside Canada

To apply for a work permit from outside Canada, the following documents must be submitted:

  • A job offer from a Canadian employer
  • Meet the requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and its regulations, and written confirmation from Labor and Social Development Canada that the employer can hire a foreign worker to fill the position, this confirmation is called a positive labor market impact assessment.

An applicant for a visa to work in Canada must do the following:

  • Consult a visa officer who will leave Canada at the end of his or her work permit.
  • Show that he has enough money to support himself and his family while in Canada.
  • To respect the law, not have a criminal record, and show that he is not a threat to the security of Canada.
  • And to be in good health and may have to undergo a medical examination.

How to immigrate to Canada

An applicant for an immigrant visa to Canada must meet all the advertised requirements and criteria for the type of immigration, and their basic qualifications and the candidates are screened against their educational qualifications, experience, skills, and language.

As well as a CV showing the degree of education: diploma, college or university degree from an internationally recognized educational institution, and fluency in the English language written, reading, and speaking.

Immigration to Canada for married couples

The marital relationship is a non-traditional immigration path in which the wife/husband can join as a dependent, according to common law partners in Canada.

Conditions for obtaining immigration to Canada 2022 for married couples

Married resident aliens when applying for immigration to Canada for married couples, the sponsor first needs to prove citizenship in Canada through one of the many immigration programs available, once the sponsor has obtained permanent residence, where they can apply to sponsor a spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner.

The husband/wife must be legally married in their home country, and to marry in Canada, a marriage certificate from the province in which the marriage took place is required.

Conditions that must be met by the applicant to join the husband/wife:

  • He must not be less than 18 years old.
  • Be a permanent resident of Canada living in Canada/Canadian citizen.
  • That his criminal record is free of any crimes.

Conditions for registering in the Express Entry Program

Couples who apply through the Express Entry system can follow one of the following two paths:

Either the main applicant lists the spouse as a dependent or names them as a secondary applicant, dependent spouses on the list can only apply to the Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Federal Skilled Programs because the Canadian Experience Class does not allow dependents, it is more suitable for single professionals and young adults.

Apply with a major and minor applicant

This method still requires applicants to provide proof of funds through the Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Federal Professional Skilled Program but it works differently, in the sense that a life partner is considered a contributor to the program.

When creating their profile under Express Entry, the applicant has a maximum of 1200 points possible, only 40 points are determined by the partner profile, and the average passing score is believed to be between 430 and 460.

Conditions that must be met by the husband/wife

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  • Language Proficiency The degree of proficiency is determined by the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) which measures an applicant’s ability to read, speak, listen and write in French and English.
  • Measuring the level of post-secondary education in or outside Canada, maximum points are awarded for Canadian education and grades equivalent to a master’s degree or higher.
  • The highest points are awarded to individuals between the ages of 20 and 29 while no points are awarded to individuals over the age of 47.
  • The highest degree is granted to those with work experience obtained in Canada, preferably at least two years of experience.

The cost of immigration to Canada in 2022

The cost of immigration varies greatly depending on the immigration program and the profile of the applicant. Usually, there are several layers of cost, including government processing fees, documentation costs, and proof of settlement funds.

Permanent residence fees are paid by all applicants who are nominated in any immigration program, and the exact amounts of these fees can change at the discretion of the Canadian immigration authorities.

Diseases that prevent immigration to Canada 2022

Canadian authorities require a medical examination for those who plan to visit Canada for more than 6 months, who will work in health care or with children in Canada, and who are applying for permanent residence, which is an important public health measure for Canadians and helps prevent the spread of disease.

Tuberculosis is one of the diseases that the applicant for immigration to Canada must be free of, and a medical examination is conducted for all applicants to immigrate to Canada, to verify that the applicant is still not infected with active tuberculosis, which is among the requirements for immigration in Canada.

If you apply to immigrate to Canada to live, work, study or visit for six months or more, an Immigration Medicine Exam (IME) must be taken by a physician at IRCC, and if the medical examination shows that the applicant has inactive tuberculosis or has had Has tuberculosis in the past, which means he has a higher risk of developing tuberculosis in the future, so a second tuberculosis test is required before the immigration application is approved.

The official website for immigration to Canada

Many people wishing to immigrate to Canada fall victim to some fake websites that claim to be official websites of the Canadian Embassy, ​​Immigration Service, or the Canadian State.

There is only one official site for immigration to Canada, and it is the only site where all those wishing to obtain a visa to immigrate to Canada can register through it.

This site is affiliated with the Canadian Ministry of Immigration, Asylum, and Citizenship, and includes much official information, through which you can deal with the site and see everything related to immigration news to Canada and updates made by the authorities responsible for immigration within the Canadian state.

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