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Tips And Tricks For Traveling In Europe At Lowest Costs (For Roamers And Travelers)

If you are a fan of travel and roaming and your dream is to visit and discover Europe, but you have financial obstacles, continue reading the article, as our site will show you the simplest solutions and tricks, to travel to Europe at the lowest costs.

We will divide the article into four points: food, transportation, housing, and tourism.

Tips and Tricks for Traveling in Europe at Lowest Costs:

One of the important things in travel, on which the traveler must gather information, are those things related to food, housing, transportation, and then tourism, and the difficulty or absence of one of these things makes travel hell.

1- How to manage food

Do not eat in restaurants just because you feel hungry because this will cost you a lot. Instead of eating in restaurants, you can go to the supermarket and buy your requirements and prepare your food yourself.

Do not buy mineral water because it is very expensive. In addition, you can use tap water, as it is safe to drink and is well treated.

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You can buy ready-made and frozen meals, as they are delicious and do not require much effort, and are less expensive than restaurants.

You can use the food ingredients (oil, sugar, coffee, vegetables…) that travelers leave in the hostel. Many hostel patrons prepare their food themselves, and if they travel, they leave the rest of the food ingredients in an area designated for the hostel kitchen.

Don’t be shy about it, as this is a custom in most hostels.

2- How to manage transportation or conductors

Autostop: This method is the cheapest because it is free. This is done by standing on the side of the road and waiting for someone to pick you up in his car.

You can also download the GoEuro application. This application will help you a lot because it compares transportation prices and offers you the best solution and option.

You can also use the Blablacar app and this one allows you to travel with some locals who have a vacancy in the car for a small amount of money (we can say that this amount is your contribution to gasoline).

We never advise you to use transportation within cities, you can instead move by walking so that you can discover the city more and save on your pocket

If you are a group, you can rent a car that will be less expensive and more comfortable.

3- Accommodation and lodging:

The least expensive method is Couchsurfing This site allows you to stay with locals who like to host tourists for free.

There is another freeway, which is camping, but this method is only valid in the summer. You can go to a park or a place away from people’s eyes and camp.

But be sure to get up early and collect your luggage because in some European countries camping in some areas is against the law.

You can also use the hostel, and the hostel entitles you to rent a bed instead of a room. Through and you can find suitable hostels at low prices

Airbnb helps you rent a room, bed, or house at a local and is often cheaper than staying in a hotel.

(If you do not have an account, you can log in and register through the following link

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You can get a discount of $20-30 for the first use.

If you are traveling for a long time, you can volunteer for several hours through in exchange for accommodation and food.

4- Tourism management:

If you are a student, the student card is the most valuable thing you have. In most entertainment venues, there is a student discount, so do not hesitate and always ask if there is a discount.

There are often days in European cities when visiting tourist attractions is free, so we advise you to make full use of them.

Also, in most European cities, there are almost free tours for tourists, so you can pay the amount you want.

So before you travel, try to find the free days for tourism in the city you will travel to, as well as try to make your travel date match these days.

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