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Trent Baalke hopes Ethan Waugh reunion builds Jaguars into winner

Perhaps more than anybody in the Jaguars’ building, newly-hired assistant general manager Ethan Waugh has an intimate perspective on what a successful rebuild looks like.

I’ve watched it up close with the San Francisco 49ers. Not once, but twice under former head coach Jim Harbaugh, now at Michigan, and during the current five-year regime of Kyle Shanahan.

Whether as a scout or in front-office personnel, Waugh has a clear picture of how an NFL franchise operates when it’s struggling to find a winning path and how it finally gets there.

What does that mean for the Jaguars’ future? It’s probably hard to quantify, but it surely can’t hurt having a personnel executive who has first-hand knowledge of what it takes for a team to make that leap from rock bottom to the Super Bowl.

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